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Using Aurora Alchemy is self-care at a higher consciousness - immerse yourself into our world of beautiful luxury body oils with purpose.

Anointing traditions take us back to ancient times yet they are as powerful and profound today as healing remedy, personal ritual and mindfulness practice. An opportunity to commune with the Self. Here are some of our favourite self-anointing techniques : 

1. daily ritual

2. morning meditation

3. wrist anointing

Start and end your day with a powerful self-love practice.  ​ Post-shower, when the pores are steamed open, is the perfect time to lavish your skin with soothing organic oils. Begin by warming 2-3 dropperfuls of oil between the palms of your hands. Breathe in the scent and spend a few moments being transported through the oils into a new realm.  Begin to meditatively massage the oil onto skin using long, firm strokes. Coat skin with oil and end at the feet. Stand in prayer position for a few moments, in gratitude and appreciation for life’s blessings.  to anything, or set your text box to expand on click. Write your text here...

Waking up to life's possibilities through scent triggers positive memory associations, emotional balance and gets the neurons in the brain firing.  ​ To start on a high note every day, rub a few drops of an Aurora blend between your palms. Once warmed, the properties of the essential oils activate and their volatile healing compounds are released.  Bring your cupped palms towards your face, taking 3 long deep breaths. Repeat by rubbing your hands together again to release more layers of the essence, and breathe again deeply. Each time you repeat this ritual, all mind chatter and concerns simply melt away. You are energetically reinforcing your personal space. Set your intentions of the day while in this state of personal power and presence.

Boost yourself with energy, all day, every day. Let fatigue and low energy be a myth in your existence. Stay focused and present with all life's Now moments through anointing the "awakening areas" - the pulse points, 3rd eye, back of the neck and heart chakra. For an instant pick me up. anoint 1-2 drops of oil on each wrist and rub wrists together to activate the alchemy. Take a few breaths. Remember your truth. Forget about the small stuff.  ​ Through the power of scent and the alchemy of nature's most powerful essences, rewire your brain to experience a new reality.

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